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    PD new energy Co.,Ltd.


    Gold Index: 227

    Company Info

    PD new energy Co.,Ltd. [China (Mainland)]

    Business Type:Manufacturer
    Country/Region: China (Mainland)

    Company Info

    Provided from the circuit design, appearance and structure design, product sample preparation, production and testing services
    Our advantages:
    1. A wealth of experience in solar product design
    2. The professional background of development and design of the circuit
    3. Beyond the industry's products optimize the appearance and reasonable structure
    4. A strong supply of a comprehensive package and manufacturing capacity

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    Company Profile

    OEM Services Provided: NO
    Business Type: Manufacturer
    Quality Certificate: CE
    Main Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia

    Contact Information

    PD new energy Co.,Ltd.
    Address: , , China (Mainland)
    Contact Person:
    Mr. li  
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